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Ocean Chemists is local healthcare providers for the community and surrounding areas of Oceanside, New York. Our Pharmacy are committed to "healthcare for life" where your family health is our priority. You’ll find a range of clothing, gifts and home furnishings, characterised by their uniqueness, beauty and innovation. We are committed to the development of the highest quality products coupled with the utmost care for our clients. The overall mission at Ocean Chemists is to provide maximum health-care benefits through traditional medicines, homeopathy, and natural remedies or a combination of all three.

Managing your health is more than medications and prescriptions. The balance of body and mind is essential to optimum healthcare. Managing your health is about getting answers to your questions. It's about discovering new ways to improve your health, and it's about finding a partner that will spend as much time as you need to feel comfortable. Some healthy choices are easier than others, like staying up-to-date on your immunizations.

Your Ocean Chemists pharmacist is trained and certified to administer specific immunizations on-site at the pharmacy. Our mission has always been about keeping people healthy. We continue this mission by providing a higher quality of life for everyone who calls this region home. Our pharmacy specializes in medical compounding, pain management, veterinary medicine solutions and hormone replacement therapy. Dedicated to helping you understand your medication in order to keep you safe and healthy. We are proud to be a pharmacy first and we are commitment to the health and wellness of our patients and customers.

Ocean Chemists is your reliable source for prescription fulfillment. Healthcare professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of service and quality products to our customers, communities and co-workers. Our goal is to incorporate personal care, attentive personnel, and professionalism in a trusting and continuing relationship. The core of our success is inspiration, dedication, education, and a value driven mission that continues on a daily basis.

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