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Ocean Chemists is equipped with hundreds of online educational toys and inspirational gifts for kids which both educate and entertain. We provide fantastic unique gifts & toys that encourage the development of imagination and stimulate curiosity about our world and beyond. Enjoy the journey! All kids’ toys available through our online shop are innovative and above all fun. We pride ourselves in our search for unique toys & gifts which are not easily available in high street toy shops and which will be well received by your child.

We are passionate about providing your children with beautiful and durable toys, educational games and fancy-dress costumes. Our toys are made of sustainable resources with environmentally-friendly and non-toxic paints. Our philosophy is to promote fun play and learning for pre-school and older children with natural and environmentally-friendly multi-activity toys. We stock books, toys, gifts, stationery and arts & crafts at discount prices, and sell over one million of our products every week to consumers looking for a bargain. Our range of products is huge. We sell more than 40,000 different products every year and we appeal to anyone looking for wide variety at great value prices. If you’re determined to find the perfect gift for your loved ones then browse our store. We love creating memories and delivering outstanding service.

Above all they must have an educational and developmental aspect; helping to develop your child in the key areas of fun learning and development. Toys are more than play things, they are the building blocks of your child's future, so let us help you choose the best educational toys and games and see what our thousands of customers say in our great reviews. From traditional children’s toys and unique gifts, science toys to revision guides and books; we have an exclusive mixture of fun, creative and educational products waiting for you to explore. With the perfect toy, kids can be engrossed for hours on end. Be it a big LEGO build, an supersized plush unicorn or an interactive action figure; watch how our selection brings their vivid imaginations to life.

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